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Portrait of Atila Fassina

Atila Fassina Sr. Developer Experience Engineer, Xata

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Atila Fassina is on a mission to make code simpler and improving user experience through developer experience. When not recording screencasts or courses, you may find him either writing or talking.

Workshop: Next.js + React Server Components

The App Directory routing architecture is probably the widest change in Next.js since its first release. It gives the layout pattern first-class citizen status, works with partial routing and gives components power over their data strategy. React Server Components are a foundational aspect of this strategy and Next.js has been said to be the framework that brought Suspense and SSR Streaming to a practical reality.

Let’s learn:

  • Differences between App Directory and Pages Directory
  • Data Fetching strategies for Server Components
  • How to mix Server Components and Client Components
  • Refactoring from Pages to App

By the end of this workshop you will be able to decide by yourself when is the time to make a move. And if you're on a greenfield project if you can take the leap and go head first on app routing strategy or if tradeoffs are too big.

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