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Portrait of Ryan Kristopher Carniato

Ryan Kristopher Carniato Principal Engineer, Netlify

BeJS conf 23

Ryan is the author of SolidJS, and maintainer of Marko. As a JavaScript performance enthusiast, and fine-grained reactivity super-fan, he is obsessively passionate about the future of JavaScript frameworks.

Workshop: Reactivity with SolidJS

Modular, Composable, Performant. Reactivity has become the focus of frontend frameworks over the past couple of years with Signals being the latest trend in allowing us to build expressive and interactive applications.

Join Ryan Carniato, the creator of SolidJS, as he introduces you to SolidJS by focusing on the fundamentals of reactivity. Explore the ins and out of Signals, fine-grained rendering, and even how to create your own reactive system.

Learn how to use SolidJS primitives to build and deploy applications. And how when we move beyond components, whole new paradigms await.

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