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Portrait of Sandrina Pereira

Sandrina Pereira Staff Frontend Engineer,

BeJS conf 23

Sandrina is a Staff Frontend Engineer who helps turning ideas into accessible experiences. Within the React ecosystem, she’s been shrinking the gap between Engineering and Product design. Besides her job at, she has been raising awareness of why Web Accessibility is part of our duties as web creators.

Workshop: Web Accessibility in JS Apps

Often we see JavaScript damaging the accessibility of a website. In this workshop, you’ll learn not only how to avoid that, but how to use JS to make your web apps more accessible. We will explore real-world scenarios with hands-on exercises. From finding bugs with the keyboard, learning how ARIA works, exploring the Accessibility Tree and even using a Screen Reader. 

Join me and let me show you how accessibility doesn't limit your solutions or skills. On the contrary, it will make them more inclusive!

Topics we’ll talk about:

* WCAG principles, A11Y myths and ableism

* Screen Readers and ARIA attributes

* The Accessibility Tree

* Hiding techniques

* Custom components

By the end, you will learn:

* How web accessibility benefits everyone

* Understand WCAG principles and how they're organized

* How to identify accessibility gaps, manually and with audit tools.

* Integrate accessibility into your team workflow right away

* Realize that creating accessible websites isn’t as hard as it sounds ;)

Workshop dynamics and materials

My teaching style is very practical. Although the exercises pace will be fast, I don't expect you to complete them on time either. The main goal is to show you new concepts, challenge you to try and think about them, and then spend most of the time in Q&A and demos as we go through the exercises. 

All the materials will be available, including the exercises, solutions, and specific resources for each topic learned. 

Who is this workshop for?

For those who want to feel confident in building websites with accessibility in mind. The topics will be explained with beginners in mind, and sparkle some advanced scenarios in the middle. Even if you already have some experience, you can look at this as a way to solidify your knowledge and fill any existing gaps.


- A modern browser installed. Chrome or Firefox are recommended.

- Comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JS fundamentals.

- The exercises will be in a React project. Don’t let this scare you off because we won’t use any complex React feature. The `useState` feature is the only one used, which is highly convenient to handle DOM updates.

- Bring ear/headphones to use the Screen Reader in the workshop room.

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