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BeJS is once again in the limelight with its family-like, community-run JavaScript Conference; BeJS CONF 2023!

Beside connecting with spirited beings and relishing local menus, this year’s edition will let you discover the latest JS and Frontend updates (Qwik, SolidJS, Typescript, NextJS, Node, Deno, AI, Testing, Security, Design…) through lively talks, panel discussions, and more…!

Join us!


BeJS Conf will embody Expert talks about the JavaScript landscape, but also a variety of sessions to let you get the most of it.










Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

CTO, Builder.io

Developer Advocate, Cloudflare

Professional Educator, Erick Wendel Training

Principal Engineer, Netlify

Software Engineer, CybSafe

Tech Lead, Inmeta

Staff Engineer, CodeSandbox

Developer Relations Lead, StackBlitz

TC39/Standards Engineer, Igalia

Fullstack Developer

Software Engineer, EMnify

Co-Founder & CTO, OramaSearch

Co-Founder & CTO, ROSA

Senior Software Engineer, ROSA

Principal Software Engineer, Socket Supply Co.

TC39/Compilers Hacker, Igalia

TC39 / Software engineer, Deno

TC39/Compilers Engineer, Igalia


Staff Developer Advocate, Aiven(.io)

Youtuber, Tejas Kumar


08:00 CETWelcome coffee and registration
09:00 CETBeJS conf Opening Ceremony
09:10 CETA Tale Of Two Webs [KEYNOTE]
Picture of Kyle simpson
Kyle simpsonPrincipal Software Engineer, Socket Supply Co.
09:35 CETUsing Qwik To Turn React Application Into Lazy Hydration Islands
Picture of Misko Hevery
Misko HeveryCTO, Builder.io
10:00 CETLightning talk: Build your own Node.js app in the browser with WebContainer API
Picture of Sylwia Vargas
Sylwia VargasDeveloper Relations Lead, StackBlitz
10:10 CETLightning talk: Building a Node.js runtime for the browser
Picture of Jasper De Moor
Jasper De MoorStaff Engineer, CodeSandbox
10:50 CETNow And Then: Debugging Async JS
Picture of Jenn Creighton
Jenn CreightonSenior Software Engineer, Netflix
11:15 CETPowering Up Micro-Frontends At The Edge!
Picture of Gift Egwuenu
Gift EgwuenuDeveloper Advocate, Cloudflare
11:40 CETDisrupting Full-Text Search Industry With JavaScript
Picture of Michele Riva
Michele RivaCo-Founder & CTO, OramaSearch
12:05 CETPanel Discussion: JavaScript Inside Out: How Your Favorite Programming Language Is Being Created?
Picture of Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal SharmaTC39/Compilers Hacker, Igalia
Picture of Luca Casonato
Luca CasonatoTC39 / Software engineer, Deno
Picture of Aditi Singh
Aditi SinghTC39/Compilers Engineer, Igalia
Picture of Nicolò Ribaudo
Nicolò RibaudoTC39/Standards Engineer, Igalia
12:45 CETLunch
14:00 CETThe next level apps for Web developers - Machine learning on browsers 🤯
Picture of Erick Wendel
Erick WendelProfessional Educator, Erick Wendel Training
14:25 CETTypescript Performance: Going Beyond The Surface
Picture of Aleksandra Sikora
Aleksandra SikoraFullstack Developer
14:50 CETLightning talk: Hack-Proofing Your JavaScript: A Fun And Engaging Guide To Enhancing Security
Picture of Jessie Auguste
Jessie AugusteSoftware Engineer, CybSafe
15:00 CETLightning talk: Turbopack - Rust-Based Successor To Webpack
Picture of Devlin Duldulao
Devlin DuldulaoTech Lead, Inmeta
15:10 CETLightning talk: Synchronously Call Your Asynchronous Functions!
Picture of Nicolò Ribaudo
Nicolò RibaudoTC39/Standards Engineer, Igalia
15:20 CETBreak
15:50 CETHumanizing Your Documentation
Picture of Carolyn Stransky
Carolyn StranskySoftware Engineer, EMnify
16:15 CETRevolutionary Signals
Picture of Ryan K. Carniato
Ryan K. CarniatoPrincipal Engineer, Netlify
16:40 CETCo-Talk: The One Repo To Rule Them All: Unleashing The Power Of Nx
Picture of Antoine Pairet
Antoine PairetCo-Founder & CTO, ROSA
Picture of Liza Morrison
Liza MorrisonSenior Software Engineer, ROSA
17:05 CETClosing Ceremony

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Our conference will happen in the heart of The European Capital: Brussels! The venue is well located and is easily accessible by several public transport lines.

How to access

The venue is located at Bd Auguste Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

  • FROM THE AIRPORT (+/- 25 MIN.)
    • Bus line 21 or 12 direction
    • Bus line 79 direction “Kraainem”
    • Bus line 12 / 21 direction “Brussels Airport / Permeke”
    • Metro line 1 direction “Stockel”, stop “Montgomery”
      Pre-metro line 25 direction “Rogier” or 7 direction “Heyzel” for 2 stops


Looking for a place to stay in Brussels? BeJS team got your back. Stay at our partner's hotel, Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels with a preferential rate: Book your room directly here and get 15% off on BAR (Best Available Rate) by using the promotional code : BEJS0523

Picture of the venue

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