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BeJS Conf is our Way to Convey Love & Gratitude to the JavaScript Community Worldwide; So be part of it, and join our knowledge-intensive, Tech-led and Developer-centric Journey!


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Hybrid is what defines our BeJS Conf this year. On-site or On-line, your experience is what matters to us.


BeJS Conf will embody High level Experts talks about the JavaScript landscape, but also a variety of sessions to let you get the most of it:

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08:00 CET -> 09:00 CET
Welcome coffee and registration
09:00 CET -> 09:10 CET
BeJS conf Opening Ceremony
Picture of Debbie O'Brien

Debbie O'Brien

Head Developer Advocate, Bit

09:10 CET -> 09:40 CET
It’s all about components
As apps get bigger and bigger, components get more difficult to maintain. But are we really building component driven? Do we really know how to take a design and break it down into components? How small do we go? How do we name things? When is it a good time to make a new component or reuse one that is already created? Making these decisions early on is key to great software architecture. If we think before we build, we can build amazing apps that will easily scale.
Picture of Ujjwal Sharma

Ujjwal Sharma

Compilers Hacker, Igalia / Co-chair TC39

09:40 CET -> 10:10 CET
Multicore javascript: past, present and future
As JavaScript applications get more and more complex, improved performance is on everyone's minds. In the meantime, computers are evolving: CPU hardware is scaling with multi-core, big.LITTLE rather than frequency. Where does JavaScript stand in this new world and how can it adapt? What role will WebAssembly play in this? What are the current tools and techniques developers can use to develop performant JavaScript applications and what is in store for the future? These are the few questions that we will answer in the course of this presentation.
Picture of Michele Riva

Michele Riva

Senior Architect, NearForm

10:10 CET -> 10:40 CET
Compiling and bundling JavaScript, the painless way
In the last years, the JavaScript ecosystem has grown exponentially. With it, many different compilers and build systems came to life to compete to reach the best possible performances, better stability, and compatibility with the language features. While five years ago, we had a few choices for compiling and bundling JavaScript (for either client or server), today, we have many good alternatives. ESBuild, SWC, Vite, WebPack... what are the differences between those tools? How do I choose the right one for my project? What can we predict about the future of the JavaScript ecosystem?
10:40 CET -> 11:10 CET
Picture of Tally Barak

Tally Barak

Senior full stack developer, Yoobic

11:10 CET -> 11:40 CET
The secret life of package managers
Ever wondered what happens after you hit npm install and go to grab a coffee? Let's deep dive into Npm history and existing package managers to understand what they are doing behind the scenes when they install our packages
Picture of Simon Knott

Simon Knott

Developer Tooling, Netlify

11:40 CET -> 12:10 CET
Introduction to BlitzJS toolkit
Hi! I’m Simon, and in this talk I will be introducing you to the new Blitz.js 2.0. Just like before, Blitz.js helps you build fullstack applications on top of Next.js. It makes your life easier with its Zero-API data layer, easy authentication & authorization, type-safe database access through Prisma, sensible conventions, and an amazing community. After the talk, you‘ll have a good idea of what Blitz‘s strengths are, how it helps you & your project, and when you should use it.
12:10 CET -> 12:40 CET
Panel Discussion: Ins and outs of how the JavaScript specs are written/decided
In this panel discussion we have a look at the JavaScript specification and how it is decided. We will also discuss the different ways in which the specification is written and how the proposal go from one stage to another. We are lucky to have the Co-chair of the TC-39 with us. As well as Romulo who is a TC-39 member and one of the champions for the champions to bring types to JavaScript.
Picture of Romulo Cintra

Romulo Cintra

Web, Igalia

Picture of Ujjwal Sharma

Ujjwal Sharma

Compilers Hacker, Igalia / Co-chair TC39

Picture of Nicolò Ribaudo

Nicolò Ribaudo

Open Source Developer

12:40 CET -> 14:00 CET
Picture of Sophie Koonin

Sophie Koonin

Engineer, incident.io

14:00 CET -> 14:30 CET
Play them off, keyboard app: building a virtual keyboard in javascript
Did you know your browser has a whole API dedicated to audio? You can play music, create cool visualizations... and build an entire musical instrument! In this talk, I'll: * show you how I built a virtual keyboard using the Web Audio API * teach you the musical theory that powers the keyboard * demonstrate how we can translate musical notes to JavaScript Join me for this fascinating crossover between math, music and code!”
Picture of Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Director of Developer Relations, Xata

14:30 CET -> 15:00 CET
The next evolution of data infrastructure for javascript developers
This talk explores the journey so far of data infrastructure from on-prem solutions, through to the cloud, and more modern layers on top of them to fully understand the complexity behind modern full-stack applications at scale, and explore how this complexity is being simplified.
Picture of Matt Pocock

Matt Pocock

Developer, Stately

15:00 CET -> 15:30 CET
You might need xstate: how to tackle complexity at scale
We'll talk about the 'why' of XState: how it handles complex requirements, improves team communication and code introspection. I'll be showing off the visual editor, a drag-and-drop tool for application logic that we've been working on for the past year.
15:30 CET -> 16:00 CET
Picture of Stijn Van Asschodt

Stijn Van Asschodt

Front-end Developer, ING

16:00 CET -> 16:30 CET
The benefits of an accessible website
Accessibility is the removal of barriers that slow down or even stop people with disabilities from using our products and services. Unfortunately, many companies still consider accessibility a “nice-to-have”, which they can add later, when there’s more time. Together we’ll explore how Accessibility is essential for some, and useful for all. We’ll have a look at the tools that are used to browse the web, but also some tips and tricks to help you identify issues before going live.
Picture of Eleftheria Batsou

Eleftheria Batsou

Community Manager, hashnode

16:30 CET -> 17:00 CET
It's easy to create good looking products, but what about useful ones?
It's not enough to build products that function, it's not even enough to make them understandable and usable; you need to develop products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, if possible even beauty to people's lives. Learn to design with your user's needs and expectations in mind by applying basic rules.
17:00 CET -> 19:00 CET
Closing Ceremony & Afterparty


  • Picture of Build Fullstack Apps in Record Time with Blitz.js
    Build Fullstack Apps in Record Time with Blitz.js

    Blitz.js is the Fullstack React Framework. It's heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and is focused on making you as productive as possible.

  • Picture of Hacking Modern Web apps with RCE and Prototype Pollution
    Hacking Modern Web apps with RCE and Prototype Pollution

    A web security course that provides you with case studies from real-world vulnerable applications

  • Picture of Hacking JavaScript Desktop apps with XSS and RCE
    Hacking JavaScript Desktop apps with XSS and RCE

    A desktop app security course that provides you with case studies from real-world vulnerable applications

  • Picture of Web Components are Awesome!
    Web Components are Awesome!

    In this workshop, we will go over what Web Components are, who's using them and how and what it takes to make one. Then we will take that Web Component and use it in a framework.


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