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  • BeJS#10: Coding game with Roboton.io
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    BeJS#10: Coding game with Roboton.io
    27 January 2021, 19:00

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JavaScript evolution has sped up (a lot) in recent years and even the most veteran developers find it hard to keep up with the latest trends and news. This meetup aims to bring you monthly bite-sized updates on the world of JavaScript along with a healthy dose of nice people, drinks and snacks.



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2021/01/27 19:00

BeJS#10: Coding game with Roboton.io

The BeJS Team is happy to announce BeJS#10 where we will have a coding competition. For those of you who attended BeJS#3, you probably already know Roboton.io: The platform we used for our race car coding competition. We are happy to have Karel on stage again for this new edition and new game: Virtual Sumo! yes you read that right! we're going to challenge your abilities in coding the toughest and strongest sumo fighter :) Join us on the 27th of January for the competition.

BeJS#10: Coding competition with Roboton.io
Website: https://roboton.io/

VERY IMPORTANT: Since this edition will be a coding competition the capacity is very limited! We will have a maximum of 16 teams (you can create a team with your friends, and code together, it's not an issue :))


In order to provide you with the best experience possible, we decided to add some rules, so that everyone can enjoy the meetup :

- In order to attend you have to RSVP on meetup
- The Zoom meeting will be password protected
- Do not share the password or the link of the meetup on social networks. if you want to invite someone ask them to rsvp on the meetup event.
- Do not hesitate to share this event on social networks as this will help give more visibility to our community
- Everyone is more than welcome to help, propose, or share Ideas with the BeJS team. You can contact us at: [masked]

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BeJS#10: Coding game with Roboton.io
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