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BeJS - A JavaScript community in the heart of Europe

Join us for an afternoon of ideas & discussions about JavaScript

JavaScript evolution has sped up (a lot) in recent years and even the most veteran developers find it hard to keep up with the latest trends and news. This meetup aims to bring you monthly bite-sized updates on the world of JavaScript along with a healthy dose of nice people, drinks and snacks.



BeJS meetup: small conference about JS

We organize meetups where we bring highly skilled and international level speakers to share their knowledge with the community.


Coding competitions

BeJS coding competition

We organize coding competitions, hackathons and games for our community members. Join us to challenge yourself and improve your skills.



Two developers discussing at BeJS meetup

Through our different meetups and mentorship programs, we try to get people to collaborate, learn and share their knowledge together.

06/04/2023 16:30

BeJS#25 | Developing WeWeb: VueJS Performance Optimization On A Large WebApp

BeJS#25 is hosted by LE WAGON Brussels

📆 Thursday April 6th, 2023 🕡 6.30 PM 📍LE WAGON Brussels - BeCentral 🎟️ RSVP = TO ATTEND, PLEASE REGISTER ON BeJS GUILD 🎟️

📄 PROGRAM - 18:30 : Meets & Greets & 🍻🥪🥙 - 19.00 : Talk + Q&A + Chat + Networking & more 🍻🥪🥙 - 21.30 : Bye & see you next meetup...

👨🏻‍💻 GUEST SPEAKER Aurélie Violette is a JavaScript developer with a passion for frontend development. Currently, she serves as Head of Front at WeWeb, where she leads a team of developers to build high-quality web applications. Prior to her role at WeWeb, she worked as a freelance developer specializing in Angular and Vue projects.

In addition to her professional work, Aurélie is an avid board game and trading card game player, using her programming skills to develop logistic software for tournaments. She also streams live code on Twitch in French and engages with the developer community on Twitter .

Originally from France, Aurélie now resides in Belgium and enjoys the freedom and flexibility of working remotely. She looks forward to sharing her insights and knowledge at this meetup.

🎤 TALK While working on the WeWeb editor, we have to face many performance issues tied to the number of elements we are rendering and the high interactivity of the page. This talk is a summary of the different tricks we used to improve the fluidity of our application. There will be some general guidelines but also advanced patterns for Vue applications. A link to a demo website, the git repository and the slides will be available at the end of the talk.


⚠️ Rules: In order to provide you with the best experience possible, here are some rules to abide by so that everyone can enjoy the meetup :

  • This meetup has a limited attendee capacity.
  • In order to attend you have to RSVP on BeJS GUILD
  • Members of the community who RSVP and then don't show up three times will be removed from the group. ( As we have limited capacity we would like to avoid people not being able to attend because others RSVPed YES and did not show up.
  • If you're not coming anymore please RSVP NO so that people in the waiting list can attend.
  • Everyone is more than welcome to help, propose or share Ideas with the BeJS team. You can contact us on : contact@bejs.io
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BeJS#25  |  Developing WeWeb: VueJS Performance Optimization On A Large WebApp
11/05/2023 07:00

WORKSHOP DAY - BeJS Conf | Pro, Paid, IRL, Certified

Top-class hands-on PRO-workshops delivered by world-renowned experts in the JavaScript ecosystem. Deep dive into the trendiest topics and get the best out of the trainers skills and know-how...

All infos about Sessions and Trainers : ⚒️ NextJS + React Server Components (4h) ⚒️ Building WebApps That Light Up the Internet with QwikCity (4h) ⚒️ Designing For Complex UIs (8h) ⚒️ Web Accessibility in JS Apps (4h) ⚒️ Public Speaking & Developer Relations (4h) ⚒️ Reactivity with SolidJS (4h)

Choose your Workshop, Save your Seat & See you in Brussels

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WORKSHOP DAY  -  BeJS Conf  |  Pro, Paid, IRL, Certified
12/05/2023 06:00

BeJS CONF 2023 - The JavaScript Conference in Brussels & Online

BeJS CONF 2023, an experience that will last long beyond learning and insights! It is simply our Belgian way of celebrating the JavaScript realm, with energetic experts from all over the world, involved stakeholders, and a uniquely passionate audience.

Beside connecting with spirited beings and relishing local menus, this year’s edition will let you discover the latest JS and Frontend updates (Qwik, NodeJS, Typescript, VueJS, SolidJS, Testing, Security, TC39, Design...) through lively talks, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and more…!

Learn more about the Agenda & our Stellar Speaker Line-Up:

  • Kyle Simpson Principal Software Engineer Socket Supply Co.
  • Jasper De Moor Staff Engineer CodeSandbox
  • Carolyn Stransky Software Engineer EMnify
  • Misko Hevery CTO Builder.io
  • Jenn Creighton Senior Software Engineer Netflix
  • Michele Riva Co-Founder & CTO OramaSearch
  • Aditi Singh TC39 delegate & Compilers Engineer Igalia
  • And more ....

Join the vibe, get your 🎟️and let's meet in Brussels next May 12th! 🚨Ticket Price will rise next May 1st 🚨

More BeJS Conf updates to come soon...😉, Stay tuned!

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BeJS CONF 2023 - The JavaScript Conference in Brussels & Online
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