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2021/10/15 14:00

React Brussels By BeJS

Get your ticket before 22nd of June and get 50% OFF. Join us for only 49.50 euros

The BeJS Team is happy to announce its first international conference: React Brussels by BeJS. The first react conference in the heart of Europe. For this first Edition of the conference we are going to have speakers from all around the world. From emerging developers working on the next Big thing in the React ecosystem to rock star developers that speak at hundreds of conferences we're going to bring you the best of React and its ecosystem.

Our conferences can happen and are possible only because of the huge work that is provided by the open source community. That is why we decided to donate 10% of the profits of this event to the community. According to the amount: the donation will be done to one or few projects that will be selected by the speakers and our community partners

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React Brussels By BeJS